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My very Special STAN-I-versary M.I.S.-sing YOU NICE CAR TOUR

Visit the IRISH HILLs terr-I-TOURy of Michigan - the Mitten State. Small TOWNs winery & gifts shopping, Battle Creek High end lodging and Sat-TOUR-day NIGHTlife advenTOUR,
CUPcar racing - BUY deluxe grandstand TIX or try the budget / CHEAPer NASCAR MIS TIX plan.

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 reservations or MORE INFO -

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09 JUN 2019 Race on DATE

Introducing MY very different 2019 straTOURgy to reBUILD this annual Summer NICE CAR TOURs visit to the IRISH HILLs terr-i-TOURy of the Mitten State.

I've decided to Michigan reTOURn with a "How I TOURed to MIS" during the mid to late 1980's racing package. I dug way back into the TOURing bag of tricks that I used in the VERY early DAYs & NIGHTs of Boring Bob's TOURs and will offer a 1 NIGHTs lodging MILwaukee TOUR OPTion to see MIS CUPcar racing.

NASCAR still insists that the Saturday xFi car race should start at around 02:12pm.  This is much too late for a quality NASCAR racing show - too much racing into the setting sun and a late ending time to get us back for a decent NIGHTlife advenTOUR of Batle Creek.MI. Therefore we will depart MILwaukee early Saturday morning, visit a Michigan winery for tasting / buying, have a TOUR stop at a FANs favorite Michigan sports bar to Tele-View the xFi car race with the TOUR group before arriving at our 1st rate / deluxe / high end Battle Creek,MI TOURinn for check-in.

This NEW going back to my PAST straTOURgy should help save most people a small fist full of dollars to spend another way.  The MIlwaukee / WIsconsin adult TOURer can still work a full FRIday shift and not have to dig into their scarce vacation days to enjoy a racing TOUR with Boring Bob.

We'll have Sat-TOUR-day night for our popular annual Mich-I-CAN of Battle Creek.MI NIGHTlife advenTOUR.  The 1 less - xFicar TIX and the 1 night of lodging has helped me reduce your MIS TOUR pricing for 2018.   I'm looking forward to seeing you "ON TOUR" at the Mich-I-CAN REMEMBER TOUR in the JUNe of 2018.

MICHI-CAN Remember OPTion

MILwaukee TOUR departure,
    1 NIGHT Battle Creek.MI LODGING - McCAMLY Plaza - sat
    Grand Stand TICKET - 1 race - CUPcar TIX
    Battle Creek.MI - MIS dedicated shuttle BUS service - sun

JUN 2012 Rates still observed for 2019
    $316.23 per person double occupancy
    $300.12 per person triple occupancy
    $291.77 per person quad occupancy
    $371.64 per person single occupancy
+   ADD $120 per room night for FRI or SUN night - ROAD TOURer OPTion
+   DEDUCT $60 per person for a CHEAPer / budget MIS CUPcar TIX OPTion
-    DEDUCT $60 per person for NO Milwaukee departure or Battle Creek shuttle service

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